Under the Rose

“By revealing the hidden spaces, things that are carried on or experienced “under the rose”, I am emphasizing that nothing actually remains a secret. I am emphasizing that nothing actually remains a secret. I revive in my works traces, writings, objects and colours that are taken for granted or concealed in space or in time…”

Galeri Nev opens the 2012-2013 season with Burcu Perçin. After an interval of two years, since her 2010 show entitled “Lost Space”, Burcu Perçin now displays before her viewers in Ankara monumental size canvases, collages, and for the first time, a five edition series of original prints.

By intervening on each of these editions with oil paint and brush, and thus  relieving them of the repetitious quality inherent in prints, Perçin renders them unique. As a result, these five works are presented as five examples chosen from among innumerable aesthetic possibilities between photograph and paint, thetwo major arteries of the artist.

In addition, observing collages, painted photographs and oil on canvases in the same show, provide the viewer with the possibility of witnessing the differentstages the artist goes about in creating out her works. The multiple passages between the works, their interrelations and their contradictions carry the clues ofPerçin’s “under the rose” acts conducted in her “hidden” atelier…

The graffiti Burcu Perçin began including in her recent works and particularly theremarkable objects in her new canvases on display at Galeri Nev likewiseemphasize the secrecy of the spaces she creates.

In a way, Perçin’s spaces are now stripped of their being “abandoned”; the“emptiness” that dominated her earlier works is decomposed, together with acertain feeling of melancholy that they have created. The graffiti becomeindicators of a second life on the walls. An unexpected car, that is still in use despite its being of age, raises suspicions as regards to the presence of people in that space. The old walls that once surrounded a “private” space, may now behosting obscene writings on them, a dark encounter behind, or a “homeless” within…  In short, compared to her well-known non-functional / static spaces,  what is being emphasized in these new works is second life, even if “hidden”…