No Where

Moments frozen in the place where they occurred or about esthetic perceptions focused on thoughts of extinction.

Burcu Perçin who has lately drawn the special attention of all circles for her unique handling of location, paintings the dynamic attitude of her style reflects a solid background of pictorial tradition. Yet, under the weight of psychopathological influences, this attitude has manifested itself by the creation of these impressive images that have such striking visual effects.

The artist who has delved deeply and for long period in such haunted sanctuaries of the city, insists on illustrating the melancholic vacuity she has felt in these “No Where” locations, by this series of gloomy descriptions squeezed between concentrated sentiments of “extirpation” and “denial”. This approach which basically takes its strength by witnessing braced up the social and cultural realities, expresses the sentiments of emptiness felt by the artist in these locations, as it does by transmitting the true image as a frozen instant.

A purely tragic visual analysis

Burcu Perçin, whose sources almost always originate from a photographic media, somehow manages to transfer her visual conceptions by refocusing them on the canvas surface. Thus, she quickly distances herself from the actual visual aspect and concentrates on the plasticity of the picture, not hesitating to use the canvas surface as an area of performance for that purpose.

Visual aspects of a vanished locale

In the pictures of the “No Where” series, Burcu Perçin was rather inspired by the chosen locale’s interior. We are now confronted with a crude and realistic inner view of the place, which for lack of communications with anywhere is fully detached from the outside world. In other words, these glass walls which were erected by these denial mechanisms, stand as fragile scenery designed for special eerie and fearful scenarios. Unaware of the transparency of the glass walls that surround it, the interior turns into a psychically dark and mysteriously blind area whose traumatic dimensions flagrantly contrast with the realities of the outside world.

No where or the area of silent emptiness

In fact, the loss of function which has put been forward in “No Where” has now become an unavoidable area for Burcu Perçin. Indeed, Perçin who in her previous works simply expressed “function” is now after and wants to draws attention to the interesting appearance offered by functions and their environments in a state of energy and production.

Peinture as a contemporary interest and problem area

Burcu Perçin in her “No Where” tries to examine, time stuck in the space with a grotesque fashion which creates shocking effects on the observer. Especially in these paintings it is possible to see Perçin’s motion to decisively firstly to set up the picture and the creation of pictorial situation with formal interruptions, which even remove spatial belonging. Hence, it is possible to observe a painting approach, depicting location and subject more fluidly, continual, impulsive taking empirical risks, and in which the artist experiences with pleasure and passion in the act of design.