Fotoğraf: Nazlı Erdemirel, 2017

Fotoğraf: Nazlı Erdemirel, 2017

Born in 1979 in Ankara, the artist graduated from the Mimar Sinan University Fine Arts Faculty Painting Department in 2002. Displaying in her visual narratives often a nature without human beings and which has been changed and consumed by them or the production areas which have lost their functions, Burcu Perçin presents in her series stretching from abandoned factory structures to marble quarries a feeling of ending each time in a deep simplicity. Visualizing nature’s silent cry through her distinctive aesthetic language in her works, which also emphasize that what is lost is not only nature itself but humanity’s future as well, Perçin underlines in her narratives to what extent humanity’s relationship with nature is problematic. The artist sheds light on themes such as unemployment and poverty created by globalization within the industrial order as well as on more personal moments in which the individual stays locked and becomes isolated, while the main topics of her brush also include the damages of relationships based on self-interest to nature and the artifical nature landscapes created by human beings.

Besides painting, the artist also expresses herself through the disciplines of sculpture and photography. Her photo-collages, her works in which she treats photographs with oil paint and her works of relief created with natural stones have strong parallels with her paintings. In her works, the visual perception of which changes according to the distance and which are perceived as abstract forms at close range while the parts of the whole appear at a little distance, the artist refers to thought practices of both abstract and realist painting. Maintaining the abstract language of her oil paintings on canvas also in her works constructed on a surface by cutting natural stones and marbles, Perçin opens a new window through these works to the idea of nature which occupies a distinct place in her artistic practice.

Lives and works in Istanbul.

Solo Exhibitions

2005             Pi Artworks Contemporary Art Center/Istanbul
2006             Pi Artworks Contemporary Art Center/Istanbul
2008             “Function”, C.A.M Gallery/Istanbul
2009             “Foto-Kolaj”, C.A.M Gallery/Istanbul

2010            “The Lost Space”, Gallery Nev/Ankara

2010             “No Where”, Operation Room/Istanbul

2012             “Mural Domination”, art ON Istanbul/Istanbul

2012             “Under the Rose / Under the Walls”, Galeri                                          Nev/Ankara

2014              “Mountains Have No Owners’’, art ON, İstanbul                              

2017              ‘’Fill in The Plant’’, x-ist Gallery, İstanbul

Group Exhibitions
2005               “Young Evolution”, Pera Museum/Istanbul
2006               “Natur-mort”, Galerist/Istanbul
2006               “DeforNation”, Pi Artworks /Istanbul
2007               “Sisyphos”, C.A.M Gallery/Beyoglu Istanbul
2007               “Istanbul Now”, Lukasfeichtner Gallery/Vienna
2008              “ Istanbul Art Affairs” C.A.M Gallery- Gallery                                         Hübner/Frankfurt
2009               “Ego Busters”, 3 C.A.M Gallery/Nisantasi

2009               “In Search of Lost Realty”, Gallery Nev/Ankara

2010               “+Infinity”, Gallery Nev/Ankara

2012                “Encounters: Turkish Contemporary Art in Korea”,                               Seoul/Korea

2016                “Anakara” Evliyagil Museum, Ankara

2017                 ‘’Urban Oscura’’, Siyah Beyaz Galeri, Ankara