Mural Domination

Burcu Perçin’s 7th solo exhibition “Mural Domination” will be on display at art ON Istanbul on 8 March- 8 April.

Having opened her first solo exhibition in 2005, Burcu Perçin is one of the figures standing out among young artists. Her works are included in several local and foreign (Germany, Switzerland, Australia) collections. In addition, she was the youngest artist of “The Turkish Sale” held in London in 2009 by Sotheby’s Auction House.

In her new series titled “Mural Domination” Burcu Perçin tackles with how people try to express their power over and claim rights on walls by drawing pictures and writing on them. In her works to be exhibited at art ON until 8 April, the artist makes a brand new space promotion through a synthesis she arrived at on canvas; -using photos of outdoor and mainly interior spaces she took during her journeys to different countries, regions and cities.

Spaces Burcu Perçin transfers on the canvas with thick paint layers are brought together in collages of the photos she personally shoots. These collages form a new holistic space. This holistic space bears the traces of a war-ravaged and burnt-down factory in Beirut, again a war-ravaged theatre building with an interesting architecture even as a ruin, a 550-year-old deserted industrial facility, an Ottoman legacy in Edirne.

Pursuing a visual wealth using forms, colors and textures, Burcu Perçin says that she can find this richness in abandoned places. In her works, she is questioning changeability of everything while immortalizing these spaces.

The basic characteristic of her works in the “Mural Domination” series is the presence of graffiti. The graffiti are deliberately included and can be seen on the walls of the spaces designed. Creating a sense of emptiness, loneliness and nonexistence with their desertedness, the graffiti found in these spaces inspires the artist. The artist’s interest and ambition about these graffiti is conveyed to the viewer through her realistic narration.

In his essay about Burcu Perçin’s works and the “Mural Domination” Marcus Graf says:

“Within the last years, Burcu Perçin has created a series of conceptually deep and aesthetically strong paintings, which review the disastrous and dystopian state of our post-industrial society. At the same time, and this makes her work outstanding and important in times, when critics and experts every now and then announce the death of painting, due to the formal, plastic and aesthetic character of her pieces, Perçin constructively contributes to the renewal and further development of contemporary painting. “

Burcu Perçin’s 7th solo exhibition “Mural Domination” will be opened at art ON Istanbul, on Thursday March 8. The exhibition
will continue until April 8.